Manpower Supply

Intelligent, intellectual and having an eye for motivation-these are the qualities we look for when selecting researchers and scientists for our clients. We find the best talent in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Bio-chemistry, Metallurgy, Microbiology, Material science, Aerospace & Aerodynamics, Biotechnology and Mathematics and so on to offer the real geniuses to our clients. Our Research scientists plan and carry out experiments and investigations in a range of areas, from medical research to industrial science. Their work is almost entirely laboratory-based, with responsibilities that include

  • Planning and conducting experiments
  • Recording and analysing data
  • Carrying out fieldwork. eg collecting samples
  • Presenting results to senior/other research staff
  • Writing research papers, reports. reviews and summaries
  • Demonstrating procedures
  • Preparing research proposals and funding applications/bids
  • Supervising junior staff including technicians
  • Organizing product/materials testing
  • Ensuring that quality standards are met
  • Liaising with research and/or production staff
  • Developing original solutions to problems
  • Keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments
  • Teaching
DG Nakrani
DG Nakrani