Infrastructure Facility & management Service

Housekeeping Services

Facility management services encompass multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built organization environment by integrating people, place, infrastructure, process, and technology. In context of that we are associated with the administration of organization setting involves renovation, maintenance, repair, and operation of facilities, grounds, and utilities to ensure the requisite set standards. With respect to any service facility, we have broken down these services into two sections, Hard services (Internal Logistics, External logistics Energy & Utilities) and Soft services (Cleaning, Waste management & Segregation, Pest control, Dietary & Canteen, Laundry, Safety & Incident management, Gardening & Ground Maintenance, Vehicle & traffic Management.

Our services are unique because of the various complexities involved there in at infrastructural, manpower and at operational level. We are providing clinical, technical, support, and ancillary services, which divide it into various specialized subsystems. It helps to create an enabling environment for effective and efficient working and pleasant experience for customer in organization.

We have engaged the skilled staffs who are well trained to work easily with all types of housekeeping equipment’s and modern machines to provide the most satisfactory results to our clients.

Above all, we understand the fact that these services directly relates to the quality and provision of safety in an organization. Hence, through facility management we are providing a crucial pillar services to any organization.

Our service related to FMS in any organization has helped us to achieved three important folds:

• Increased Customer and Employee satisfaction.
• Facility up gradation leading to Certification & Accreditation..
• Establish good reputation.

DG Nakrani
DG Nakrani