Municipal Street cleaning services

Housekeeping Services

Street cleansing is a vital community service as well as a very public reflection of an authority’s commitment to cleanliness. Street cleansing works in both urban and rural areas ensuring roads and streets are safe for drivers and pedestrians, and improves the aesthetics of local landscapes.

We use the most up-to-date, environmentally friendly machinery and equipment for our street cleansing works, ensuring that our customers’ reputations are enhanced and the public’s perception of local areas is positive, leading to a reduction in the amount of complaints.

Our street cleansing services for local councils are nationwide, and we currently deliver services across large areas of Municipal Corporations as well as other public & private sectors.

As we believe in Green & Clean Environment & leave no stone unturned to ensure environment sustainability. We work closely to ensure our outstanding service delivery goes beyond sweeping the streets on a regular basis. So we are also providing the cleaning services of Municipal Street at night “Road Sweeping”. <\p>

DG Nakrani
DG Nakrani