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Municipal Soild waste Collection

Housekeeping Services

In the current scenario, finding hardworking people for the hard jobs is really hard. It may sound like a tongue twister but its true and when it comes to jobs like waste and garbage collection, it becomes all the more difficult for any organization to find the people who perform their duties diligently.

We at D.G Nakrani understand this fact and provide extremely dutiful people for such jobs. We undertake unparalleled initiatives to manage commercial and domestic wastes generated, collection of solid municipal waste by providing door-to-door services.

D.G Nakrani has a vast experience to serve the clients with the most suitable workforce. Our team of technicians & workers has gained expertise in efficiently managing the solid waste.

We have efficient resources to do the management of solid municipal waste are:

1. Truck with Trolley.
2. Manpower.

Our management of solid waste involves its collection, transport, processing and disposal.

1. Door-to-door services of commercial wastes
2. Collection of solid waste and recyclable materials in addition to the transport of these materials to the location where the collection vehicle is emptied. This location may be a Municipal’s storage site, a transfer station or a landfill disposal site.
3. Treatment of solid waste.
4. Specialized consultancy projects.

DG Nakrani
DG Nakrani